Friday, March 27, 2009

If You Have Something Wrong with You, God Most Likely Did it for a Reason.

I saved this article from when I worked at the Sentinel. In the summer of 2006, Jeff launched a county-wide contest for elementary school children, asking them to write an essay on who was the most influential person in their life. The following was awarded second place. Second place. I am not even going to attempt to provide annotations for this at the present. Maybe when I'm a little bit drunk. I'll highlight my favorite lines.

By Courtney Stoltzfus- Lura A. White Elementary School

Think of the most important person in your life? Does that person make the green grass? Mine does. His name is the Holy Lord, God for short, he made me and the wonderful you. No offense, but if you want to live on Mars, Jupiter, or Pluto, forget it, God made this planet just for us. Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto don’t have the wonderful stuff on this earth. But if you don’t want to be on this planet, you’re most likely saying to yourself, "Hello God, are you there? It’s me. Why did you put me on this planet? I’d rather be dust!"

Now, would you
rather be dust or live a good life going to baseball games, going to the mall, and having the best pet. Now I could go on and on, but God put you in this planet for a very good reason. It’s because he loves you and if you’re the person I hope you are, you will love him too.

Oh no, that’s not the end. Do you
like going to the beach? If you don’t, you’re probably thinking that the birds sound like a broken tuba, the dolphins sound like a screaming kid dying, and the whales don’t sound like a peaceful "hmm." They sound like they’re trying to push each other with the sound of "hmmp". If you like the ocean, guess who made it. You’re right, God. God made the birds to sing for us. He also made the dolphins laugh, and the whales too. God made them all peaceful. He didn’t make them so when you go scuba diving and see a whale, you scream and jump out of your pants. Let’s leave the ocean part now.

If you have something wrong with
you, God most likely did it for a reason. If God did do it for a reason, it doesn’t mean should say "See you later God. I’m going to live life my way." I can go on and on about what God made. But I think it’s time for you to think about God.

Second place.

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  1. YES! You posted the most amazing letter ever. I always regret not taking a copy of it before I quit. The day the newsroom read that to me was the best day ever.
    Is this the Sam who worked summers?
    No matter who you are I greatly appreciate your blog. :)